One Day Love Will Come Through

"One day love will come through" is a story about a kind, generous and romantic girl Anna who comes from a small provincial town. She’s like a modern version of a well-known character from "The Little Mermaid" written by Hans Christian Anderson. Anna enjoys small things like listening to a murmur of the warm wind, twittering of birds and rain pitter patter. She goes through life with her eyes and heart wide open.
After the death of her aunt Masha, who basically raised her, she is left all alone. Anna moves to Moscow and finds herself in a completely different world. All her life she’s been overprotected. But now Anna has to deal with the real-life challenges. And every time Anna faces new obstacles, she has to make a choice: she can take an easy way out of the situation but at the same time betray her beliefs, or she can follow the dictates of her heart, stay true to herself and act in accordance with her principles no matter what other people say. The writers of the show believe that this is the most important choice in life.
In Moscow, Anna makes some serious enemies, but she also meets the love of her life there.
The first time Anna saw her soul mate was in her childhood dream. She had that dream not once. When Anna was already a grownup, she saw a handsome stranger on TV and immediately recognized him. He was the guy from her dreams. Turns out, he is a famous actor. Anna couldn’t dare to hope that one day they would meet and fall in love. It was beyond her wildest dreams. Eventually, it will happen. But it will take a lot of time before they can be together.


Anna Popova
Konstantin Soloviev
Daria Juraskaya
Pavel Sborshikov
Tatiana Lutaeva
Natalia Gvozdikova
Evgeniy Zharikov


Timur Weinstein
Oleg Osipov
Vlad Nikolaev
Dmitry Magonov
Shishkov Nikolay
Director of photography
Perfilov Nikolay
Director of photography