To Forgive or To Revenge

A psychological counselor, Tatiana Vinogradova, and a legal counselor, Irina Mineyeva, declare war against cheaters!

They help desperate women, who suspect their partners of cheating, to get to the truth. The girls investigate cases with the help of an IT pro, Peter Korneyev. Together, they collect evidence on men, who are allegedly having an affair on the side, by putting them in compromising situations, recording their every move with hidden cameras and setting out seductive baits. If they find proof that a guy has been unfaithful, the heroine decides what to do next. She faces several options, to forgive her man, to let it slide and pretend like nothing happened, or to take revenge. It’s not easy to make a decision because things aren't always black and white.

What will the heroines of our show choose? Tune in for the new reality show “To Forgive or To Revenge” on U-TV!


Tatiana Vinogradova
Irina Mineeva
Petr Korneev


Vladimir Utin
Svetlana Firago
Alexandra Wynter
Grigory Kulagin
Creative producer
Irina Buslova
Creative producer
Vladimir Sennikov
Executive producer
Anna Barakhtenko
Executive producer
Denis Grebenuk
Mikhail Kuzovenkov
Aleksandr Lapikov
Kirill Buslov
Production editor