The CEOs of Sony Pictures Television Russia, Vladimir Utin and Mikhail Rossolko told Margarita Sklyarova, the Telescope’s reporter, about the main directions of the company’s development. They discussed what local shows may be in demand on the global market and how the demands of the Russian audience differ from the demands of the European and American audience. They talked about the future of television and discussed the differences in approach to projects produced for the Internet platforms and for linear television.

A large number of scripted and non-scripted projects produced by Sony Pictures Television Russia premiered in March – does it have anything to do with the seasonality of the television business?

Mikhail Rossolko: The decision when to air the show rests with the TV channels. For example, two of our projects started airing in March. "Midwife. New Life" premiered on Channel Russia 1 and "The Code" premiered Channel One. We were very happy that the premiere dates of both shows didn’t coincide with each other and that they didn’t have to compete for the audience in the same time slot.

Vladimir Utin: We are currently working on the 3rd season of "The Midwife" for Channel Russia 1 and we are in negotiations with Channel One for the continuation of the TV series “The Code”.

At the end of March 2019, CTC presented eight new episodes of “The Voronins". Before, you wanted to finish the project in 2019. What’s going to happen to the show?

Vladimir Utin: Every year they say that this year is going to be the last for "The Voronins". Meanwhile, we keep actively shooting new season and we have plans to film special episodes, as we always do at the end of every season. In 2018, The Voronins went on a tour around the cities of the Golden Ring, in the last season they went to Sochi, and this year we are planning to send them to Bulgaria. We keep working. So far, we have produces more than 550 episodes of the show.