The channel's secret weapon in the “battle of series”

"Secret weapon": Firstly, the series was directed by the famous director, Vera Storozheva. Secondly, "The Code" is an adaptation of the British mini-series “The Bletchley Circle”. Thirdly, the series has an amazing cast. Starring Maryana Spivak, Ekaterina Vilkova, Elena Panova, Yana Dubuis, Sergei Puskepalis, Mikhail Evlanov, Oleg Gaas, Dmitry Mazurov, Svetlana Kolpakova, Ekaterina Vulichenko, and many other Russian actors. Fourthly, the series has a twisted plotline. The story takes place in Moscow in the 1950-s and tells about four women who were close friends and worked together as codebreakers in the special Cipher Department of GRU during the Great Patriotic War. When one of them is charged with murder, all four of them reunite to prove her innocence, using their unique analytical skills.