To Forgive or To Revenge

A psychological counselor, Tatiana Vinogradova, and a legal counselor, Irina Mineyeva, declare war against cheaters!


The Code

The show tells the story of four women, who used to work at a special unit of the Chief Intelligence Directorate during the War. Now they get back together to help investigation bodies solve most complex crimes. Having phenomenon analytical skills Irina, Anna, Sofia and Katerina risk their own lives and their families’ safety to unmask the most dangerous and powerful criminal gangs that threaten the safety of Soviet people and the entire country.


The Good Wife

«The Good Wife»
Alisa Philipova's life is like a fairy tale. She's the wife of a successful husband, the mother of two, lives in a luxury area. Her family is cream de la crème, and her input in it is considerable, there's no question about that. She's a good wife who got her husband to be Leningrad District State Attorney.


The Eighties

The Eighties, set in Moscow in 1986, follows a group of college students coming into adulthood, just as the Soviet Union itself faced dramatic and sweeping changes. Freedom was most definitely in the air! For the first time, the youth of the nation could look to the West as a benchmark for the future.


The Voronins

Adapted from everybody loves Raymond

Based on the long running hit US. series Everybody Loves Raymond, Kostya Voronin seemingly has it all a wonderful wife, a beautiful family, a great job and a great apartment. On their own, the family is fairly normal. Complicating matters is the fact that Kostya's mom, dad and jealous elder brother (a forty year-old policeman still living at home) live next door and are always getting in the way.


Happy Together

Adapted from married with children

The story centers around the lives of the Bukins Gina Bukin, a grumpy shoe salesman, his money-hungry, sex-starved wife Dasha, who spends most of his salary at the salon, and their two children party animal Sveta and egocentric Roma. With its offbeat humor and unflinching honesty, Schastlivy Vimeste paints a hilarious portrait of modern family life where things don't always go according to plan.


Voluntary vacation

«Voluntary vacation»
Medical practice of a brilliant surgeon Nikita Petrovich Martov is threatened, when at the peak of his career he suddenly develops haemophobia. Realizing that he'll never be able to do surgery ever again, Martov decides to leave St.Petersburg for his home village Yuzhny, where he grew up.


The Midwife

Tatyana Skvortsova is a talented obstetrician and chief doctor of a maternity hospital. She devotes all her time to work, which takes its toll on her relations with the family.

Tanya’s daughter won’t follow in her mother’s steps and doesn’t want to connect her future profession with the medicine. She rebels against her mother’s willful decision and dreams of becoming a well-known performer of her own plays. And Tatiana’s husband, tired of his wife being ‘married to her work’, starts a romance with her friend Alla.


Crane In The Skies

The series follows the life of Asya Solntseva, a teenage girl of a small town called Aviagrad, as she meets her first love at the shindig dedicated to the celebration of the first man going into space. Asya falls in love with Yury Gromov, who’s not just a ladies’ man, but also a conqueror of the skies. Yury works at the local aero club and dreams of becoming a professional pilot. Meanwhile, Asya’s friend and tutor Yasha Spassky, the son of the famous aircraft designer, helps her study for the final exams at school. Yasha is secretly in love with Asya, but her heart belongs to Yury.



Five women, teamed up with their daughters-in-law, compete for the title of the best housewife in a one-week cooking competition! The show takes place in the apartments/houses of the contestants. Each episode features 1 day of the week-long competition and one team of the contestants. The daughters-in-law are challenged to prepare a three-course meal under the strict supervision of their mothers-in-law. To get it done, each team has only 5000 rubles, 30 minutes to do the shopping and 3 hours to do the cooking!


Perfect Dinner

Perfect Dinner is a cooking show, where the main focus is not on the food… The participants of "Perfect Dinner" have different professions, background, lifestyles, and tastes. The only thing that they have in common is their love for cooking and dinner parties. To throw a dinner party to remember isn’t just as simple. Not only do our participants have to make a delicious dinner, but they also must create a perfect atmosphere. A party isn’t a party without a festive mood and a great company! The participants of the show will compete for the "Best of the best" title and a cash prize…


Midwife. New Life

Chief Doctor at a maternity home Tatiana Skvortsova seems to have everything that a woman can dream of – a successful career, an almost grownup daughter and a man she loves. Once hurt by her husband who betrayed her, Tatiana is sure, this time she will be happy. But it really hurts her to see that her new boyfriend doesn’t tell her the truth about his past and hides his eyes when she says she loves him. Doctor Skvortsova has a habit of healing emotional shock with work. Being a talented doctor she takes up complicated, almost hopeless cases.